The original deluxe poker deck featuring the Lego Rock Raiders.

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Gather your crew!

Unearth a gem from Lego’s past and rock your game with this highly illustrated poker deck featuring the classic Rock Raiders theme. Each suit includes unique illustrations of fan-favorite characters and machines,  rendered in full color, and faithfully incorporating the philosophy of “play well”.

To help ensure durability in play and handling, these cards are printed on casino- and magician-quality M31 linen cardstock, and coated with a deluxe BETA finish.

Whether you’re a Rock Raiders veteran or cadet, a fan of playing cards or Lego in general, you’ll be captivated by the dutifully rendered and passionately detailed illustrations of high adventure deep underground. Get a dose of classic Lego; discover for yourself all that the deck has to offer.


How on Planet U did this crazy project begin? Short answer is too much brickonium exposure. 😎👨‍🔬 In all seriousness, what began as simply poking around observing development of the amazing Manic Miners fangame, became a spark that fueled my desire to contribute something to this eclectic niche of fans. As a longtime Lego maniac as well as OG Rock Raiders enthusiast, I challenged myself to dream up a few cards that I thought would be cool to have. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Soon I had to have a complete set of 55 playing cards, and here we are.

Whether or not this project is a limited-run experiment, I want to thank you folks who have taken an interest. I hope you get a kick out of these cards and find as much enjoyment as I did in initiating their creation. Retrofit your LEGO hobby.


Emphasis on Playability

      • M31 linen card stock

      • Casino/magician grade quality and durability

      • BETA (ie. slick!) finish for fantastic card handling

      • Traditional suit colors & placement for easy recognition

Collector-minded Design

      • 55 detailed and gritty illustrations faithful to these Lego icons

      • Custom numbers, pips, and typography (feat. all the glorious grit of the Rock Raiders!)

      • Sustainable (no slimy slugs were harmed in the making of this deck)


Card decks will be shipped separately from apparel and posters. See the Shipping Terms.


Available to Canadian buyers at cart checkout. If you are outside of the US and Canada, please contact us with your address so I can confirm the best shipping rate for you. It is also possible that your country does not permit playing cards through customs. 🤷‍♂️ I’m happy to help if I can! Cheers, friends.

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